• Side-Show
  • Indoor performance
  • Premiere: 16 December 2021
  • Age: +10 years
  • Capacity: 400

About the performance

In Portraits, Aline Breucker and Quintijn Ketels portray two very different circus artists: Camille Paycha and Sander De Cuyper. The underlying idea is quite simple. The audience enters a studio where people are busy working and philosophising.

In the meantime, the performers try to structure their ideas and to find a place for things. Existential questions such as “Is this a portrait of a person, a practice or a relationship between two people?” and “When you look at me, who do I look at then?” float to the surface. Thus a surprising portrait of the situation is created in circus techniques, drawings and monotypes.

Portraits is in fact two performances in one. We portray two circus artists: Camille Paycha and Sander De Cuyper. Their profiles are very different, but we feel a strong affinity with both of them. Portraits is clearly not about us, but about them.

If you look at something long enough, it will become revolutionary
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About the company

A shared fascination for the traces that movements leave, that’s the basis of Compagnie Side-Show, which was founded in 2009 by Aline Breucker and Quintijn Ketels. The cross pollination between circus and the company’s visual arts leads to unique performances.

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Concept: Aline Breucker & Quintijn Ketels
Direction: Quintijn Ketels
Performers: Aline Breucker, Camille Paycha, Sander De Cuyper
Scenography: Aline Breucker
Costumes: Aline Breucker, Samuel Dronet
Music: Iannis Heaulme
Dramaturgy: Vincent Focquet
Choreographic advice: German Jauregui
Production assistant: Irma Morin
Technical assistance and set construction: Gert De Cooman
Photography: Jan Castermans


Theater op de Markt - Dommelhof, Miramiro,Espace Catastrophe # Centre International de Création des Arts du Cirque & Festival UP!


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