Miramiro summer festival: Practical


Miramiro wants to be accessible to a broad audience.

We apply this to the locations of our activities (if possible) and in our communication. On our website, the accessibility is indicated by icons in the description of the performances. For specific questions, contact us on miramiro@miramiro.be.


  Accessible for people in a wheelchair

Accessible for people in a wheelchair, with guidance

  Accessible for people with hearing impairment

Accessible to people with intellectual disabilities

Visiting with a wheelchair

Have you booked your ticket for a wheelchair accessible performance? Then give us a heads up via miramiro@miramiro.be.
This way we can provide the guidance you might need.

Discount rates

Everyone can enjoy the free program.

For the paying performances we apply fair rates with a reduced rate for -26 year olds. Miramiro does not work with UITPas or chance rates. In close consultation with a number of social organizations we invite socially vulnerable people to enjoy the ticketed performances.

Would you like to introduce us to your organization? Feel free to send an email to miramiro@miramiro.be.


Here you can discover all the locations of the performances.

Schedule of the program

Looking for a timetable? You can find it here.