Miramiro summer festival: Practical


Miramiro is committed to welcoming a broad and diverse audience. Do you need specific help or guidance during your visit to our Summer festival? Be sure to let us know you are visiting via 09 324 36 63 or sofie@miramiro.be.

In our communication, we try to clearly indicate which performances are suitable for people with certain disabilities or limitations. We do this in our own way, using the icons below to indicate the accessibility for every performance. For specific questions, contact us on miramiro@miramiro.be.


This performance/activity is accessible for people in a wheelchair.

This performance/activity is accessible for people in a wheelchair, with guidance. Upon presentation of the European Disability Card, we can provide a free ticket for the companion of the wheelchair user.

This performance/activity is accessible for people with intellectual disabilities

This performance/activity contains strong auditory elements, with little or no visual elements necessary to understand the performance or to participate in the activity. We recommend this performance/activity for people with visual impairments.

This performance contains strong visual elements, with little or no spoken text or text is not necessary to understand the performance. We recommend this performance/activity for people with hearing impairment.

This performance is equipped with a loop system.

This performance is provided with a sign language interpreter.

This performance/activity is accessible for people with assistance or service dogs.

We advise this performance to families with children under the age of 12.

Visit for people with specific needs

Are you coming to one of our performances and need assistance during your visit? Let us know via sofie@miramiro.be. This way, we can provide customized assistance to meet your need.

Before and after a performance, one of our volunteers (people in the green shirts) can guide you to your seat. Upon request, we can organize a touch tour on stage, an introduction of the performance, or voice recognition prior to the performance.

If you need additional information, please feel free to contact us. We welcome any suggestions for extra efforts we can make!

Discount rates

Everyone can enjoy our free program.

For the paying performances we apply fair rates with a reduced rate for -26 year olds. Miramiro does not work with UITPas or chance rates. In close consultation with a number of social organizations we invite socially vulnerable people to enjoy the ticketed performances.

Would you like to introduce us to your organization? Feel free to send an email to miramiro@miramiro.be.


You can discover all the locations of the performances here after June 2nd.

Schedule of the program

Looking for a timetable? You can find it here after June 2nd.