S.o.l.o. (Situations of Ones Life’s Obsessions)
  • Sur Mesure
  • Indoor performance
  • Premiere: 9 April 2022
  • Age: +6 years

About the performance

The moments we share. The emotions we all feel, events that have changed our path and opportunities that we win or lose… They make us who we are today. But every decision, every failure, every success at any time we experience alone, even when we are surrounded by people. solo.

This is the story of Simon James. But also an ode to the life that we all experience in our own way. Simon does what he does best: handstand, tumble, acrobatics on tight ropes, the antenna pole and air slings on an empty stage with nothing more than a bench, a projection canvas and a growing number of props. With more than fifteen years of experience in circus, dance, gymnastics and theater a piece of cake. However?

The emotions that we have all felt, instances that have changed our path and opportunities won or lost that have created the person we are today.
─   Simon-James (Sur Mesure) More info

About the artist

Simon-James is an experienced circus performer with internationally recognized certificates, over fifteen years of training at an international competition level in gymnastics, dance and diving/trampolining, over fifteen years of performing experience in circus, theatre and dance and has international touring experience both on and off the stage.

Read more about Simon-James in this article in the Circusmagazine.

Sur Mesure is a collective of musicians, instrument makers, woodworkers and circus performers. Together they work on new creations. The collective consists of making performances, but they also have a wood workshop where all kinds of furniture are made.

Contact Seraina De Block
0489 24 45 80

Artist: Simon-James Reynolds
Co-production: Thomas Rose
Video content creator: Bart Trauwenberg


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