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Ice Skates And Other Cruelties
  • Camille Paycha
  • Indoor performance (blackbox) or specific outdoor locations
  • Premiere: 4 December 2021
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Age: +10 years
  • Capacity: 300

About the performance

Ice Skates And Other Cruelties ​consists of a choreography for a human body and the material of glass that explores the following questions:

How can one thing be two things at once? In other words, how can one escape binary thinking?

How can a material (glass) increase the range of human awareness of its environment?

How can we survive under the layers of clutter that cover us? Could making this junk more visible be a strategy to destroy it?

In Ice Skates And Other Cruelties you see smooth movements and sharp glass. But maybe you see just the opposite? Hopefully the body will cut the glass. We will try to prevent the cut glass from cutting the body into pieces. Follow the brutal poetry and enjoy the beautiful ferocity.

Set on a synthetic ice rink, this performance draws the lines of a constantly transforming landscape where something cruel can find its poetry and something beautiful can reveal all its violence. Behind her layers of glass, Camille Paycha wants to stimulate our collective imagination by making space literally and figuratively.

About Camille Paycha

Camille was born in Paris (FR) in 1992 and now lives in Ostend (BE). Camille graduated in 2015 from the Academy for Circus and Performance Art in Tilburg with aerial straps as a discipline.

Camille has been making her own work since 2015. First with the Helaba Compagnie (I ate the entire fruit salad, for the 500th anniversary of the painter Jheronimus Bosch), then she founded ‘The Hangman Radioshow’ together with Noortje Sanders and Thijs Veerman. A site-specific performance in the field of radio.

During the same period, Camille experimented with circus as a practice, feeding it with visual and sound art. Her interest in a multidisciplinary approach is growing, as is her relationship and concept with co-author Noortje Sanders. Camille feels the urge to treat the performing arts in a broader sense.

With this performance, Camille is shortlisted for CircusNext 2020 – 2021. CircusNext is a European circus label where makers are selected by a European jury based on their idiosyncrasy and creativity.

Contact Emma Ketels
0495 89 31 63

By and with: Camille Paycha
Creation assistant: Laura Gilles-Pick
Material research: Stéphane Gilles-Pick
Outside eye : Markéta de Borggraef
Scenography : Kris Van Oudenhove
Sound design : Bram Vandeghinste
Artistic adviser : Bauke Lievens
Technician on tour : to be confirmed
Diffusion : Emma Ketels (je buro)


PERPLX, De Grote Post, Festival Circolo