• I have an idea. How can I pitch that to you?

    There is no complicated application procedure or forms to fill in. Do you have an idea that you want to take to the next level? We would love to hear what you are up to, so we can discuss how we can support you.

    Send an e-mail to miramiro@miramiro.be, write a letter or poem, send a carrier pigeon, hop in for a coffee… It doesn’t matter how you reach out, as long as you do it!

    If this first contact sparks our interest we’ll invite you for a talk.

  • Am I eligible to knock on Miramiro's door?

    We engage in long- and short-term projects, starting from the artist’s story. Ideas, questions or needs, no matter how crazy they may be, will find a listening ear here.

    Miramiro is open to artists with a heart for contemporary circus, professional, young talent and amateurs.

    We find great excitement in projects and creations that push beyond the boundaries of traditional theater spaces. Whether it’s through utilizing specific locations, tents, outdoor settings, or by fostering a unique connection with the audience, we welcome endeavors that seek to break free from conventions.

    This focus is not exclusive. We don’t want you to try and fit inside the box.

    So don’t hesitate to e-mail miramiro@miramiro.be

  • Can I apply to perform at the circus festival?

    Our festival program is a combination of creations from the workspace and a curated program. You cannot apply or sign up to perform at our festivals.

    Do you want to invite us to watch your performance? Send us a short introduction text, some pictures or videos, dates and locations, via miramiro@miramiro.be.

  • Which (work)spaces does Miramiro provide?

    Our office is located in De Expeditie. A building with various socio-cultural organizations in Ghent. In addition to this office space, where everyone is welcome to co-work at any time, we have a rehearsal space in the building. Miramiro is a tenant of the BOX and ensures that it is well equipped for most circus needs. In addition, the LOODS and the small STUDIO are also spaces that we rent sporadically. More information about who to contact for these spaces can be found here.

    Are you looking for a unique location or a location where you can place a circus tent? That is one of our biggest strengths! Mail to miramiro@miramiro.be and we’ll see what we can do for you!

  • What material can I use at Miramiro?

    Miramiro has its own basic equipment. In addition, we offer sound and light equipment. You can also contact us for small equipment, such as hand tools and small electrical tools. Feel free to request our material list during your residency at Miramiro!

    Is there something we don’t have? Let us know. Then we discuss the options with our partners who own a fully-fledged ‘atelier’ function.

  • How can I sign up for a workshop/try out/WIP/...?

    All information about registrations or tickets can be found on the page of each event, via the agenda. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of all activities.

  • How can I stay informed about Miramiro's activities?

    Keep an eye on our agenda or sign up for our newsletter. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest news, facts and sneak peeks!

  • How can I contact Miramiro?

    Are you looking for support? You can contact us in any way you want or feel comfortable with. Send us an email (steven@miramiro.be), letter or video, give us a call, just pop in. Everything is possible.

    For all other questions go to Contact.