Festival FAQ

  • Where can I find the brochure for the festival?

    You can find the digital version of our brochure here. A printed brochure is available in the Stadswinkel (underneath Belfort), in De Expeditie or in the brochure displays in cultural venues, caf├ęs and coffeebars in Ghent.

  • When can I see which performance, where, when, ...

    Discover when you can see which performance in the timetable of the festival. Not sure where to find each location of the performances? Take a look at the overview with all the locations here.

  • Can I exchange my tickets?

    Can’t make it to the show? Try selling your ticket to someone you know, via Ticketswap or place an advertisement on our Facebook page. We do not take back tickets and cannot exchange them.

  • Can I get a refund for my tickets?

    Purchased tickets are not refundable except in the case of cancellation by Miramiro.


  • Can I buy tickets on site?

    If the performance is not sold out, we will provide a box office on site. You can buy a ticket from one of our volunteers, starting 30 minutes before the performance. Last minute tickets can be purchased there. We ask to provide the exact amount in cash, payment by card is not possible.

  • Are the performances accessible to people with physical or mental disabilities?

    Every year we make an effort to involve as many people as possible. We describe accessibility with the Inter symbols, which you can find on the detail page of each performance. Do you want to know more about accessibility? Click here.

    Do you want to come to a performance with a wheelchair? Look for a wheelchair icon on the detail page of the performance of your choice. Give us a call or send an email to miramiro@miramiro.be, and we’ll make sure your visit goes smoothly!

  • Is the age limit of the performance respected?

    Yes. We want to create the best possible experience for every visitor. The age limits are based on the artist’s experience. Is your child under the age limit? Then keep this in mind. It is not nice for fellow visitors, artists and for yourself if you have to leave the performance early because your darling is disrupting the performance.

  • What if I'm late?

    For shows with reservations we recommend arriving 20 minutes in advance.

    Once the doors are closed and the performance has started, we can no longer let you in. We don’t want to disrupt the experience of other visitors.

  • Is there a waiting list?

    We do not use waiting lists. Sold out = sold out. You can have a look at our Facebook page, with a little bit of luck you might find someone who is selling their tickets.

  • Can I use my UIT-pass discount?

    No, UIT-pass is not valid with us. Most of our offerings are free and accessible to everyone. For the paying performances we work together with a number of social partner organizations that focus on vulnerable target groups.

  • How can I stay informed about Miramiro's activities?

    Sign up for our newsletter. We regularly send out emails with activities that are on the agenda.

    You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for fun photos and videos of our residents and activities.

  • How can I help Miramiro?

    We welcome volunteers with open arms! Are you interested in volunteering during our activities? Audience support, hospitality, technology, etc. Leave your details here and we will contact you soon.

    In addition, we are always looking for host families where artists can stay or dine during their residency. Do you have a free room? Let us know at miramiro@miramiro.be.

  • How can I contact you as a member of the press?

    Would you like to make a news item about our activities? Film or write something? Gladly! Please contact sofie@miramiro.be

  • How can I register as a professional?

    We are happy to help prepare your visit to the festival as a professional.
    You can register by filling in this form.