About us

Who are we?

Miramiro is a workspace for artists with a love for contemporary circus, in the urban environment of Ghent. It is a creative sanctuary where artists are given space and time to develop, create and experiment. We like to bring people together, artist and audience in particular, to share artistic creations. Because it is those encounters where the magic happens.

Our organization has already undergone several transformations to become who we are today, a workspace for circus. Since the beginning of Miramiro in the 1990s, as a street theater festival, one element has remained constant… Our love to color outside the lines or theatre walls, literally and figuratively. Outdoor, tent, specific locations or interaction with the public.

Our approach is simple and flexible, each project is examined individually. Miramiro consists of 3 permanent employees and a lot of enthusiastic volunteers.

Miracles matter!

Fugit - Kamchàtka © Gaetandardenne


We have been committed to people and nature for many years. In 2008 Miramiro started making her own practice more sustainable. For example, we have been using reusable cups for more than 13 editions. When organizing activities, we focus on sustainable mobility, low energy consumption, limiting waste and monitoring energy and transport flows. Our efforts were rewarded in 2017 with the OVAM GroeneVent award.

In addition, we helped out with the establishment of Greentrack Ghent, of which we are still a member. A project with 50 other Ghent (socio-)cultural organizations with the ambition to reduce the ecological footprint of the arts.

We try to keep our offer to the public accessible and free. We want everyone to be able to share wonder. Every year we make an effort to reach a number of disadvantaged groups with our performances, by offering free tickets.

These are just a few examples of a wide range of sustainable initiatives with which we try to contribute to a sustainable cultural sector. Would you like more information? Feel free to contact us!

© Gaetandardenne



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