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  • Collectif Malunés
  • Theatre
  • Premiere: 7 October 2023
  • Duration: 50 minuten
  • Age: +6 years
  • Capacity: 400

About the collective

Collectif Malunés is a modern circus collective, that was founded in 2009 with a lot of passion and energy. The first four members were 3 Flemish and 1 French artist(s). They met during their studies at Circusschool in Tilburg (ACAPA), looking for experience playing on the street and on stage.

The family Malunés kept expanding, both in members and materials. In addition to the old-fashioned caravan where it once started, they also invested in a tailormade bigtop.

About the performance

How can turn acrobatics into something musical. Can you write sheetmusic that transpones movements into rythm and harmony? Or the other way around, how can movement compose a melody?

Circus and music are related to each other by physical and human laws. We discover and dig deeper into the connection that unites both art forms.

The team is a duo of musical acrobats specialized in ‘hand-to-hand’ and a duo of technicians specialized in light and sound. Their goal is to develop a new artistic language and an environment where the essential wins from the shallow.

Contact Gabriel Larès:
+33 6 20 13 15 39

Ayla Moes:
+33 7 83 20 82 67

Ellia Larès:

Artiesten: Gabriel Lares en Ayla Moes
Lichtcreatie: Olivier Duris
Geluidcreatie: Anthony Dascola
Regie: Julliette Correa en Dominique Bettenfeld
Productie: Ellia Lares
Creatie Kunstmatige intelligentie: Franz Clochard en CB4tech


Perplx – Courtrai (BE)

With support of

CIAM, Centre International Des Arts en Mouvement — Aix-en-Provence (FR)
Théâtre Sylvia MONFORT — Paris (FR)
Miramiro — Gand (BE)
Theater op de Markt-Dommelhof (BE)