Kris Dewitte
  • MOVEDBYMATTER & Collectif Malunés
  • Tent
  • Premiere: 11 June 2021
  • Duration: 75 minuten
  • Age: Alle leeftijden
  • Capacity: 240

About the collaboration

MOVEDBYMATTER, founded by Kasper Vandenberghe, collaborates with the Bruyninckx brothers from Collectif Malunés for the performance BITBYBIT. MOVEDBYMATTER is a transdisciplinary art organization that functions in the circus field, among other things. In previous projects, the ritual is also often central, they flirt with different disciplines.

About the performance

For BITBYBIT , their first production together, Kasper Vandenberghe and the brothers Simon & Vincent Bruyninckx find eachother in the balancing act between connectedness and resilience on the one hand and the inevitable fall on the other.

In an image-rich direction by Vandenberghe, the brothers experiment with a special circus technique ‘the jaw of steel’ in which they are completely dependent on each other for their own safety, each time exploring where their own self ends and that of the other begins. BITBYBIT is the culmination of a year of artistic research and physical training.

the physical dissection of a brotherhood
Contact Kasper Vandenberghe
+32 484 94 95 32

Emma Ketels (Je Buro)
+32 495 89 31 63

Collectif Malunés
+33 6 43 36 75 12

CIRKLABO/30CC, C-TAKT, KAAP, Miramiro, Perplx, Perpodium, Theater op de Markt – Dommelhof, workspacebrussels