• Theatre
  • Age: +14 years

About the company

Jakobe Geens started with Ell circo D’ell Fuego. She graduated at DOCH circus conservatory in Stockholm. She made and performed in different performances which made her get to know the international circus scène in and out. After many years she now wants to get to know the Belgian stages a little better and build a repertoire that discusses themes that are important to her.

Margot Jansens graduated as a light developer/creator and production worker at RITCS. Hungry for more she also studied theatre sciences at UGent.  Margot will be playwriting this performance and together with Jakobe they will manage the direction of the performance.

About the performance

Central to this creation is a female body and its concealing and revealing. Where does the impending nude start? What does covered mean in which culture? Who is visible? What is visible and how does the invisible influence what the viewer thinks? What relationship does the naked have to movement?

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Jakobe Geens (preformance, regie)
Margot Jansens (dramaturge, regie)
Rosetta Plasencia (choreography)
Manou Selhorst (advise Flamenco)
Sarah Chebaro (advise bellydance)
Kobe Van Herwegen (advise illusions)
Aram Abgaryan (advise soundscape)
Matti Degueldre (video)




Perplx, De Warande, Miramiro, De Spil, Dommelhof, CIRKLABO, Theater FroeFroe en Vooruit