(c) Jan Benz
  • Moved by Matter
  • Kortrijk
  • Premiere: 3 February 2025

About the performance

Mystica is a ritual inspired by the 12th-century mystic Hildegard Von Bingen and her companions. Little by little, we scrape away the abstract layer of their title, bringing them into the here-and-now as flesh-and-blood women.

Floating hair hangers perform polyphonic chants together with choir members, like a community learning to speak a shared language again and again. The texts of several mystics are rewritten and brought back to the present, because they can still teach us things today.

Mystica is a performance by Muziektheater Transparant and MOVEDBYMATTER directed by Kasper Vandenberghe, which brings circus and musical theatre together. Using new music composed by Timo Tembuyser and Jens Bouttery, the performers physically explore the construction of a spiritual microcosm in which everything and everyone is interconnected. A search for the lost undercurrent of mystical, feminine energy in our society. Mystica is not an escapade, but a performance in which community is central.

About the company

MOVEDBYMATTER is a transdisciplinary art organization, with a focus on circus art, led by performance artist Kasper Vandenberghe.

For each project, MOVEDBYMATTER starts from an open-minded investigation into the relationship between performer, audience and matter. The organization is driven by the irrepressible desire to master that relationship, but at the same time it searches for the fatal point at which that mastery will inevitably fail. The performer puts matter in motion, but is ultimately also moved by it. This borderline experience is always translated in a distinctly visual, physical and ritual way.

Contact Project & administration: Kasper Vandenberghe
Cooperation & Bookings, general coordinator: Kaat Balfoort

Concept & direction | Kasper Vandenberghe
Dramaturgy & text | Elisa Demarré
Music composition | Jens Bouttery
Vocal composition | Timo Tembuyser
Hair suspension artists | Lia Sara, Lina Isaksson & Marta Camuffi
Choir | Marthe Koning, Timo Tembuyser (invaller | Hélène Vrijdag), Rahmat Emonds
Hair suspension coach | Ingrid Esperanza
Outside eye | Matthias Velle
Costumes | Tina Heylen
Technical management | Peter Quasters

Production: MOVEDBYMATTER & Muziektheater Transparant


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With the support of the Flemish Government, Tax Shelter Belgische federale overheid en de Vlaamse Gemeenschap Brussel