• Small spaces (private or public), like small living-rooms
  • Capacity: 30 - 50

About the performance

‘LIVING’ is a social artistic project that brings hybrid circus beyond the walls of public space.

Both the creation process and the performances continue in locations that are not intended for circus, such as living rooms, healthcare institutions, cafes, libraries, prisons, etc. The diverse architecture and intimacy of these places are an integral part of the event.

Be Flat finds its interest in the exchange that takes place between resident, artist, organization and audience. The company wants to stimulate curiosity towards the unknown and ensure that everyone can experience contemporary circus from the front row, including the most vulnerable among us.

The intergenerational and cross-disciplinary character of the LIVING team ensures a broad and flexible approach. A group of 11 artists consisting of circus artists, audiovisual artists, actors, dramaturges and jazz musicians meet in ‘LIVING’.

About the company

BE FLAT is a Ghentian circus company founded by Ward Mortier and Thomas Decaesstecker. The mix of acrobatic circus with urban sports gives BE FLAT its uniqueness. Be Flat is the chameleon among circus artists. By responding to the environment, every performance becomes a unique event.

As residents of the city environment, we question public space. The city is a living organism, in constant change. How do we use this common space? Who are we in today’s street scene?

BE FLAT represents equality. We play for everyone. Our goal is to creatively connect spectators with different backgrounds during and after the ‘interventions’.

Contact Project & administration:
Anne Loeckx

Performing artists (acrobates): Ward Mortier, Thomas Decaesstecker, Kathleen Ravoet, Gianna Sutterlet, Alonso Matias Gonzalez, Gerda Dekempe
Interdisciplinary performaing artists : Craig Weston (theater) Zaur Kourazov (video), Karen Van Schaik (music) , Anaïs Moffaert (music), Lukas Pierredon (sound)
Drama: Craig Weston, Gianna Sutterlet, Ward Mortier

External viewpoint : Ineke Nijsen, Stijn Dickel, Aurelia Brailowsky, Sander De Cuyper
Productie : Anne Loeckx


Provenciaal Dommein Dommelhof, Miramiro, Kopergietery, CirkLabo met de steun van Vlaamse gemeenschap, Stad Gent


Centre des Arts scéniques, Cultuurcentrum De Spil, Cultuurcentrum De Grote Post, Latitude 50,