• Specific location
  • Premiere: 15 July 2022

About the research

A large industrial space. Course runners moving in repetitive patterns. A drone that hovers menacingly and playfully above that scene and keeps everything in its sights. That drone enters into a dancing dialogue with a child. These are the basic elements for DAR, a new transdisciplinary work by MOVEDBYMATTER/Kasper Vandenberghe.

About the company

With the vibrancy of the everyday as it’s starting point, MOVEDBYMATTER creates performances and concepts that test the vibrancy of our bodily routine movements and daily rituals. How is it possible to create a choreography of movements that escape our conscious control? What is the physical translation of our unconscious thoughts?

And finally, how do time and body interact?

In addition to performances, MOVEDBYMATTER also creates events where the vibrant nature of objects is unleashed on crowds. What are the effects of these objects on their perception of time, their connection and their conversational power?

Contact Kasper Vandenberghe
+32 484 94 95 32

Emma Ketels (Je Buro)
+32 495 89 31 63