• Company Midnight
  • Duration: 40 minutes

About the performance

A portrait of two unique Homo Sapiens Idioticus, two partners in crime who found everything you can do with knives. The structure is their small, unsafe universe where knives and other objects hang that could fall down at any moment.

If you push this button, objects can fall. Immediately… or with a little delay. An unhealthy mix of knife throwing, a rebellious computer and lots of bad ideas.

Please don’t try this at home, we are trained idiots...
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About the company

Company Midnight was founded in 2015 under the non-profit organisation ShakeThat and is a collaboration be-tween Simone Scaini and Joris Verbeeren. The previous partnership with company ShakeThat and their shared passion for the night and endless experimentation eventually led to the inevitable birth of this company. Joris is an autodidact, lover of slapstick, manipulation with everyday objects and the night… Simone is neurotic, self-taught and “Mad Professor”. Chauvinist regarding food and drinks, and also possessed by the night…

Contact info@companymidnight.com

Artists: Joris Verbeeren & Simone Scaini
Coaching: Wennie Deruyck, Sander Decuyper, Maxime Dautremont & Hanne Vandersteene
Technical support: Felix Rep & Emmanuele Marangon


Transfo Labo, Cirkl, Leuven CC, De Ververij, Transfo, Zwevegem, Kunsten op Straat, Miramiro, Perplx