Mike Verbraeken
Ways of being ready
  • Hendrik Van Maele
  • Premiere: 1 March 2022

About the artist

Hendrik Van Maele was bon in Leuven in 1995. As a 4-year-old he started going to the local circusschool (Cirkus in Beweging) and spent hours of learning multiple disciplines. In 2017 he finished his education at ACaPA, Tilburg (Academy for Circus and Performance Art), where he focussed on partner acrobatics. Hendrik already played in Surface (Familiar Faces) and Screws (Alexander Vantournhout).

In cooperation with TENT – house for contemporary circus in Amsterdam – Hendrik started a 2 year trajectory. He’s currently working on 3 different projects: a trio, a duo and a solo.

About the performance

In Ways of being ready of Hendrik Van Maele with Elliot Dehaspe we zoom in on a state of being that is easily overlooked. This tragic/comic duo keeps a constant focus on a certain fleeting moment right before an action. Muscles tensed, holding your breath, getting ready to…

Contact hendrikvanmaele@gmail.com
+32 4 56 18 56 79