• there there company
  • Theater
  • Premiere: 1 October 2022
  • Age: 16+


An ode to breathing
Breathing: an automatic biological process that keeps us alive. The thriving force behind our vital functions, our voice, our movement. The connection between human beings and other breathing creatures, and even the entire ecological system. A good respiration can heal us, make us stronger, enhance the potential of our body. Breathing is a powerful, yet so fragile physiological system, not nearly as self-evident as we think. Only when our breath is taken away, we realize its value.
Time for an ode! An ode to breath.
In Chaim, acrobatics and classical singing meet. Both are a form of physical virtuosity, controlled by breath. The performance is created to the rhythm of a breath. Breath becomes voice, becomes movement, becomes music. Three performers on stage – a vocalist, a circus artist and a young acrobat – will make breath visible and audible in a most intense way. Chaim will be an indoor show meant for an adult audience (16+). Available from October 2022.
Contact Toon Van Gramberen
+32485 13 16 73

Production: THERE THERE Company
Direction and choreography: Hanna Mampuys en Toon Van Gramberen
Performers: Maria Madeira, Fran Van Lysebettens, jonge performer nog te selecteren
Dramaturgy: Marie Peeters
Technique: Seppe Janssens o.v.
Costumes and scenography: Oona Mampuys


Perpodium, Cirklabo, Theater op de Markt, PERPLX, Miramiro


De Vlaamse overheid, Kunstencentrum STUK, deRUIMTE