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  • Grensgeval
  • Binnentheater
  • Age: +4

About the performance

Camiel tries to imitate the painting of his biggest hero, Jackson Pollock. But how does he manage to place the stains in the right place? Should he drip, pour, splash, fling the paint? Working with brushes or sticks or full pots? He throws his whole body into battle. But no matter how he turns, jumps, rolls or floats, his painting does not resemble the original.

Plock! is visual circus-sound theater that stimulates all senses. With humming paint pots, colored sounds, dancing paint and an acrobatic painter.

About the company

Grensgeval creates performances with and/or for children and young people. The company takes children’s imagination and a child’s intuition as a starting point to explore adult themes. In the productions, Grensgeval places these themes in a new, consciously naive logic, mixed with a dose of anarchy and punk.

Theater that not only stimulates visually, but also does so with smells, sounds, touch or tastes and thus creates its own imaginative world. Grensgeval believes in the added value of cross-pollination between different disciplines and always wants to operate on that border.

A performance for anyone who wants to color outside the lines
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Hanne Vandersteene
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