(c) Selim Say
Les Hommes Andersom
  • Compagnie Pilolabo
  • Binnentheater
  • Premiere: 6 October 2022
  • Age: +8

About the performance

With the performance “Les Hommes Andersom”, Comagnie Pilolabo set the tone for what they stand for as a company.
They stage an abstract performance from which everyone can draw their own ideas, inspiration or story. A performance that can be viewed more than once, that appeals to the imagination and can support multiple storylines.

In “Les Hommes Andersom” dance and circus are intertwined. Better said contemporary ballet and handbalancing / aerial straps. There are two players on stage, a dancer and an acrobat. They both have similar physical challenges, having to be strong as well as agile, exploring the same quality of movement, but using the body for almost opposite purposes. They turn each other’s world the other way around!

A starting point for this performance is dealing with emotions. Bringing out what’s inside, or struggling with it just to be able to do that. As a result, there is enormous fragility and openness towards the public. This is us.

The performance begins as soon as the doors of the hall open. As an audience you step into another world.

Two honest bodies that connect and communicate directly with each other.

About the company

Compagnie Pilolabò is a collective that creates performances inspired by the interweaving of different art forms. The founders Tars Vandebeek (dancer and choreographer) and Mathias Goethals (circus artist and maker) have been successfully active in the dance and circus circuit on a national and international level for many years.

This collective has been formed to be able to let creativity run free completely uninhibited and not to have to function under one vision, but just to bring visions together.

In 2020 Mathias created his most recent solo act “We could almost be invisible in our vulnerability”, led by Tars, as movement director. This experience has brought us even closer artistically and aroused a great curiosity about the possibilities of deepening a fusion even further. The research to bring our two art forms together as organically as possible started then.

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