• Amoukanama Circus
  • Binnentheater
  • Premiere: 3 June 2023
  • Duration: 75 minuten
  • Age: Alle leeftijden
  • Capacity: 3000

About the company

Amoukanama is a Belgian-Guinean collective that builds bridges between Europe and Africa through circus. Its origins lie in Guinea and thanks to many helping hands, a beautiful collective has emerged that has various artistic and social projects running in Belgium and Guinea.

Connection, understanding, exchange, courage and perseverance of the acrobats form the core of these projects. Amoukanama, Sussu “What does not break, remains forever” consists of a group of acrobats who have chosen the circus as a means of survival. Through their life as circus performers, they want to share their energy, wisdom and joie de vivre with the general public.

Circus is a great tool to create connection despite differences
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Contact amoukanama224@gmail.com
0033 6 21 45 63 82

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