• Bert & Fred
  • Outdoor performance
  • Premiere: 1 July 2023
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Age: All ages

About the performance

With DETOUR, Bert & Fred want to return to their roots and love of street theater. It will be a circus theater performance that is closely intertwined with their lifestyle and suitable for the public space.

While the previous performance ‘8 years, 5 months, 4 weeks, 2 days’ mainly highlighted the relational side of the artist duo, DETOUR focuses on their lifestyle. The principles of the nomadic existence of circus artists will form the basis of the new performance. But there is no doubt that the specific relational interaction of such a traveler’s life will not be lacking.

With the arrival of Lieto as the third member of the circus family, that family bond has grown stronger. DETOUR shows in a way life as it is or a look behind the scenes. The line between performance and real life blurs. The spectator looks inside the life of the circus performer. In DETOUR, Bert & Fred start from a personal aesthetic: travelling together, living together, playing together, and all this together with their little son.

About the company

His name is Bert. Her name is Fred. Together they are Bert & Fred. Logically. Bert & Fred live together, work together and play together. Preferably with sharp kitchen knives, mouse traps and darts. It may not be safe, but it is exciting! Bert & Fred go to their limits. Together they create spectacular, funny and dangerous circus.

Bert & Fred have been on the international scene for 15 years now. The company brings fresh and audience-friendly work. Professionally, this is noticeable in the conceptualization, execution and distribution of their performances. They carry the love for their craft.

Their artistic work is fresh and humorous. In a form language that is simple, minimalist and uncomplicated. Circus that winks at traditional circus because of its fragmentary nature, but now in a hip jacket. In short, circus that wants to move everyone!

Contact Emma Ketels (Jeburo)
+32 495 89 31 63

Concept and performance: Bert Loenders & Frederique Snoeks
Assistant / non-committal supporting role: Lieto Loenders
Regard exterior / coaching Bram Dobbelaere, D'irque & Fien
Costumes / Quickchange: Jonathan Brugnot, Lucie Renaud, Lorelinde Hoet
Set: Joppe Wouters, De Machienerie


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