Bubble you - Be Flat ©Unknown
Bubble You
  • Be Flat
  • Outdoor performance
  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Age: All ages

About the performance

Bubble You is a circus metaphor, a location performance that is inspired by the situation we have been sharing for so long. 5 artists inhabit a vertical structure: a space that protects them from the outside world, but a space that turns out to be annoyingly limited.

So no choice but to use this space to the fullest, to explore and sometimes exceed its limits, to search for freedom between the lines, an emergency exit…

About the company

Thomas Decaesstecker (1989) and Ward Mortier (1993), got to know each other in 2008 at a freerunning meeting in Ghent. Since this meeting, sharing the same passion for movement and music for years has led to a strong friendship.

Ward studied Chinese mast in combination with acro dance at ESAC (Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque, Brussels). Thomas participated in an acrobat/handstand artist training in Santiago, Chile (Escuela De Artes Circenses Del Circo Del Mundo).

Be Flat vzw was founded by Ward and Thomas in September 2017.

Since January 2019, Be Flat has been working with Mehdi Delanoeije (1986), Tars Van Der Vaerent (1992) and Dario Tabakov (1990) for the performance “Double You”.

The common interests combined with the individual specializations and experiences provide a wide range of skills that are used in very different situations.

Contact Ward Mortier
+ 324 94 41 00 21

Technische vragen?
Thomas Decaesstecker
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