WEB (working title)
  • Joren De Cooman
  • Different options (inside/outside/location)
  • Premiere: 1 December 2023
  • Duration: 20 - 30 minutes
  • Age: All ages
  • Capacity: 40

About the performance

WEB (working title) will be a short participatory circus performance, where audience and artist work together as a collective group.

In a first part, the audience will connect themselves through a playful choreography with cords. This creates a web/knot of cords with a person at each end. The public evolves from loose individuals to a collective body that works together.

Then Joren arrives in front of the group. Together the group uses this web as a circus device, where Joren allows himself to be catapulted and hopes that they will catch him again.

In a playful way, he forms a circus collective with the audience, just like in Alone.

About Joren

In 2009, Joren De Cooman graduated from the Ecole Superieur des Arts de Cirque (ESAC), where he specialized in Korean bascule. After getting his degree, he was part of various bascule collectives and played in various international circus productions, such as Cirque du Soleil, Circus Monti and Machine de Cirque.

His focus has always been on acrobatics and spectacular images, which are also typical for his discipline. Over the years, however, Joren became increasingly interested in the mechanisms behind these images. He felt that it deserved more attention and in 2018 he started an artistic research around it.

Initially this was a research attempt to create a solo version of his discipline. He soon felt that working together in a collective context is precisely the core of his discipline. It always was ‘the collective’ that has attracted him to bascule.

As a solo artist, he thus embarked on a quest to share this collective with an audience. This resulted in the performance ALLEEN and the collective digital installation TOGETHER.

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Makers: Joren De Cooman & Ilon Lodewijks Ondersteunende artiesten: Toon Van Gramberen & Josse De Broeck
Outside eye: Seppe Bayens


Theater op de Markt, Miramiro & Cirklabo


GC De Kroon, Circus Zonder Handen & Cirkus in Beweging