(c) Stefan Gevaerts
  • Rode Boom
  • Indoor performance
  • Capacity: +12

About Ritselingen

In Ritselingen Hans Beckers and Kurt Demey find eachother in using elements of nature, the search for a magical experience and interactions with and between the audience.

For Hans Beckers, listening is a way to recolor the reality around us. His work is based on his fascination for the everyday sounds that surrounds us. Sounds in all its variety, complexity and richness.

Hans makes sound sculptures and self-built instruments, made from everyday found and collected objects. It shows how materials, which are not intended for musical purposes, can still be seen as fully-fledged instruments. Beckers transforms objects and natural materials such as desert sand, seeds, grass, steam and water into thrilling sound works and performances.

(c) Stefan Gevaerts

About Rode Boom

Rode Boom brings visual road trips that take the viewer into ‘their’ reality and far beyond. Stage work interspersed with surreal and symbolic images, which also finds its way into public space. In Kurt Demey’s artistic palette, techniques from the world of illusion and mentalism are intertwined with visual work and performance.

The foundation of Rode Boom in 2007 was the answer to a long-lasting dream to start a company that creates performances. And to accommodate the circus theater and visual installations that Kurt Demey was already making in a supporting structure. It enabled him to professionalize and centralize his work.

In the same period, Kurt Demey was trained at FAI-AR, the Formation supérieure d’art en espace public in Marseille, and was thus able to reorient himself in his artistic work as a visual artist. The art of magic was used here for the first time as an artistic tool in public space.

The artistic work of Kurt Demey has a personal style interspersed with surrealism and symbolism. He uses techniques from the world of illusion and mentalism as an artistic palette.

Seven years of studies in magic, traveling all over the world and contacts with various teachers led him to the creation of ten performances. Rode Boom starts as a full-fledged company in 2007. Gehoorde Man was be Rode Boom’s first full-length performance.

Contact Artistic director
Kurt Demey

Communication & production
Anne Elst
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