(c) UP
  • Ezra Weill
  • Indoor performance
  • Age: +7 years
  • Capacity: 100 - 150

About the performance

Boombox is an homage to cassette tapes and how they changed the world, from their endearing, indestructible outer shells to their delicate spools of polyester plastic film.

They illustrate our human want to organize and understand the world we live in, label it, and put it in a box. But the chaos will always find its way out, and when it does, what happens then? Is there a way to rebuild when your whole world falls apart around you? What do we hold onto in these moments of vulnerability?

About Ezra Weill

Ezra Weill is from Seattle Washington, where he grew up street performing with his sister. His act, back in those days, was standing on 5 stacked-up skateboards and juggling knives. After many years of training at circus school in Seattle, he went onto perform with a Vermont based youth circus, called Circus Smirkus. After graduating high school, Ezra attended l‘Ecole National de Cirque in Montreal, where he completed his studies in 2015 with a degree in aerial rope and hat juggling.

Since then Ezra has performed in North America, South America and all across Europe. He enjoys playing music on and off the stage, as well as pursuing his hobby of Lindy Hop dancing, which he has recently taken onto the stage. Inspired by the likes of George Carl, Ezra juggles hats with a quick, surprising and humorous style. On the rope Ezra brings a unique twist to his act by juggling his hats up on the rope with him. Ezra is interested in it all: from pounding tent stakes to collaborating with others, to the last trick in his act.

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