• De Machienerie and Theatre La Licorne
  • Outdoor performance
  • Premiere: 30 May 2022
  • Duration: 35 - 45 minutes
  • Age: +8 years

About the performance

The story of Odysseus is rewritten, through the goggles of De Machienerie. This will be an intensive collaboration between De Machienerie vzw and Compagnie Theater La Licorne (FR) with Claire Dancoisne as artistic director.

The performance will be a creation ‘on petite forme’. This means that the performance is created with a minimum occupation, concise technical rider, short construction time, … A performance that can be played anywhere!

The philosophical approach of this performance is man versus nature, nature versus technology. It would not be a performance of De Machienerie and La Licorne if they didn’t experiment with intriguing, interesting and inspiring, poetically visual installations, metaphor machines, masks, etc… Rough and raw are keywords, but with finesse, an eye for detail and a finishing touch. The style of De Machienerie remains clearly visible and is taken to a higher level.

About the collaboration

De Machienerie will be the leading partner in this project; it will wear the scenography, construction of the installations, machines, puppets, and the masks. In Flanders, De Machienerie is a pioneer in developing performances with poetic theatrical installations. In addition to a construction workshop, the non-profit organization is now also a full-fledged production house.

Theater La Licorne is a professional company created and directed by Claire Dancoisne, with over 30 years of experience in puppet and object theater. Objects, machines, masks and puppets are essential to Claire Dancoisne’s theatrical writing because they are able to transport actors and spectators, transforming our view of the world.


About Odysseus

Odysseus, thanks to Homer’s books, is known as the cunning, he who, thanks to his sharp mind, manages to overcome powers greater and stronger than himself. He is the man who designed the wooden horse that gave the Greeks the invincible city of Troy. The Trojans could not resist the temptation to bring this fine work of engineering within their city walls – but at night, armed men jumped out of the horse’s hollow belly and opened the city gates to the Greek soldiers.

On his journey home from Troy, the hero Odysseus was confronted with all kinds of powers and forces that prevent a successful return home to his island of Ithaca. The story is a true ‘road trip’, but by ship. The Sirens seduce him with their magic song, the lotus-eaters offer him blissful oblivion, the witch Kirke wants him as her lover, while she turns the other men who desire her into pigs. He is nearly eaten by the Cyclops Polyphem and flattened by the rocks Scylla and Charibdis. Many more adventures and dangers lie ahead of him. His greatest enemy is the god Poseidon, ruler of the world’s seas.

Contact info@machienerie.be

Bookings: Lina Matthys -
0032 498 81 86 71
Productie: Marie Couwenberg -
0032 494 60 00 38


Direction: Maarten Janssens
Supervision and coaching direction: Claire Dancoine
Script: herwerking van Homerus Odysseus door Claire Dancoine
Scenografie: Maarten Janssens
Objects: Maarten Janssens, Joris Janssens, Roxane Ronot
Grafics and illustrations: Lio Verdonck, Britt Tack
Artists: Leo Smith, Britt Tack
Masks: Maarten Janssens, Roxane Ronot


Miramiro, Theater op de Markt


Theatre La Licorne, Vlaamse Overheid, Stad Antwerpen