©Ronny Lemmens
Ki No Nagare
  • Collectif Malunés
  • Age: All ages
  • Capacity: 250 - 300

About the performance

In a small, simple circus tent, two circus artists share a square scene with a musician. No glitter and glamour, garlands nor chandeliers, but an intimate gathering. Extraordinary acrobatics unfold in front of the audience to the rhythm of the Japanese taiko drum.

The audience witness a meeting between two very different bodies: on one hand a sturdy, colossal man weighing 115 kg, on the other a finely built, fragile guy weighing 59 kg. The contrast between the two protagonists is magnified by the confrontation. The outcome seems obvious.

This performance aims to highlight a very tangible subject that sometimes flirts with taboo: the social standard of what is normal. Everyone experiences the pressure of social norms to a greater or lesser extent and no one ever fully complies. And every day we consciously or unconsciously are confronted with them – just think of (social) media and advertising. The social construction of ‘what is normal’ has a strong influence on how we perceive ourselves and how we develop as a person. This is certainly also the case with children and young people.

Ki No Nagare wants to raise awareness without lecturing and pretending to know the unconditional truth. The performance offers a point of view and food for thought. Not with melancholy or desperation, but with a subtle smile.

About the company

Collectif Malunés is a contemporary circus company, founded in 2009 with a lot of passion and energy by 3 Flemish people and 1 Frenchwoman. The team now has 9 artists.

In their work they explore the acrobats’ falls, failures and security. The power of the collective lies in the need for solidarity and the need to work in groups. The art of creating as a group is hidden in sharing experience, taking risks and above all sincerity on both a physical and mental level.

(source: website Collectif Malunés).

Contact Project & administration coordination:
Ellia Larès et Déborah Boëno

Samenwerkingen & bookings (NL/FR/INT):
Emma Ketels

Pers & Communicatie:
Ellia Larès and Déborah Boëno

Costumes: Lize Grauls
Concept en direction: Luke Horley
Performance: Arne Sabbe, Maxime Gérard