(c) Loïc Nys
  • Marcel et ses drôles de femmes
  • outdoor location
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Age: All ages
  • Capacity: 600

About the performance

Can you find the meaning of life when death is meaningful? Can you find the meaning of life if you have already practiced dying while living?

7 mini trapeze acts, 1 voice-over, 3 artists, 1 air mattress, 25 costumes, 1 fire player. That is Masacrade, a battle between logic and absurdity, in which the meaning of death is sought to understand the meaning of life.

7, not the 7 lives of a cat but the 7 lives of Marcel. Could 7 be a lucky number? In an epic exploration of the meaninglessness of life, Masacrade is pageturner: death that strikes, that we fear, that we prefer, that we look at with our heads held high, that comes from an unexpected corner, …

About the company

Marcel et ses drôles de femmes brings unpretentious circus in its purest form. Nuanced and full of humor, they highlight the absurdity of man and his complexes, but also the beauty of our existence, which is often hidden in a small corner.

Stories taken from life about lonely, vulnerable people, searching in vain for a place in society. Marcel and co invite you to remain curious and not to be ashamed of voyeurism. Each performance is a moment to connect with the world, with others, and builds a bridge between dream and reality. Life may seem tragic, but we have the magic to make it a celebration.

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Concept en direction: Marine Fourteau, Claire Schumann,
Decor: Thomas Bares & Marius Ollagnier
Performance: Martine Fourteau, Angèle Guilbaud, Marcel Vidal,
Sound Théo Godefroid


Théâtre ONYX, Scène conventionnée - St Herblain • Nil Obstrat – Nil Admirari - Saint Ouen l’Aumône
Atelier 231, Centre National des Arts de la Rue et de l'Espace Public – Sotteville-les-rouen
La Cascade, Pôle National Cirque - Pôle National Cirque Ardèche - Auvergne-Rhônes-Alpes
Le Palc, Pôle National Cirque Grand Est – Chalon-en-Champagne.
L'Eclat, Scène Conventionnée d’Intérêt National « Art, enfance, jeunesse »
Plateforme 2 Pôles Cirque en Normandie / La Brèche à Cherbourg et le Cirque-Théâtre d’Elbeuf
CIRCa, Pôle National Cirque Auch Gers Occitanie
Le Plongeoir, Cité du Cirque - Pôle Cirque Le Mans