Professional framework


Our workspace has a strong focus on public space, special locations and circus tents. We want to offer a broad range of locations, based on this non-exclusive focus, for residencies as well as work.

Our home office, De Expeditie, is a socio-cultural hub in Ghent with 3 creation- and/or presentation spaces, sanitary facilities, a shared kitchen … Miramiro is a structural tenant of the BOX, a space which is equipped for most of the possible circus requirements. We also occasionally rent the LOODS and the STUDIO. You can find contact details for technical info for these spaces here.

You can also use our officespace, even without being in residency.

Miramiro festival © Gaetandardenne

Basic equipment

Apart from the infrastructure, we are also equipped  to meet the demands of a modern circus artist. We offer basic light- and sound equipment, a ballet floor, mats for falling or tumbling, trusses, hoists, an aerial platform, tables and chairs, showers, and much more.

De Expeditie invested in a few changes in de BOX, for example, by installing anchor points. These are tested each year to maintain a safe environment to rehearsal.

This equipment is available throughout your entire residency.

Atelier bricolage

If you’re a handy man, we can also provide you with some working tools, such as hand-held equipment or small electronic tools. Our team also has a lot of relevant expertise on wood, metal construction and textile. You can use our tools or ask for our advice at any time during or without a residency.

We are not a ‘real’ workshop, but we have made some arrangements with a few local partners who would love to welcome you! Want to know more? Ask us!

Artistic and productional support

Artists can always rely on our team as a soundboard. We apply our own experiences, interests, knowledge, and education in many ways. We offer this support at any time.

Are we unable to help you ourselves? Then we will look for someone who can.

We contact professional freelancers or experts who have the required knowledge and skills: a technician, a coach, a dramaturge, a photographer, an extra eye … We made a database of skilled people and foresee a budget for this every year. We mainly focus on young creators for this. Involving freelancers or experts can be talked about but is not included in your residency by default.

As long as we - There There Company © Gaetandardenne

Financial support

We offer different possibilities for financial support. Find out more down below!

Co-production for creations

It’s a classic but remains necessary. We see co-production as a commitment or as a partnership that is formed. Co-production mostly goes hand in hand with a residency and a presentation for audience. Co-production budgets are not connected to buy-out sums for presentation.

The amount of co-productions is limited and is not part of the basic framework of a residency.

Salary when experimenting

We foresee a salary for artists who are unemployed during the experimentation residencies.

Operating budget

During the creation and experimentation you might need to buy some extra things.

We foresee a budget that you can use during your residency, atelier bricolage or try-outs. This is not a part of the basic framework of your residency.

Transportation costs

Artists who cannot stay overnight can ask for a refund of transportation costs. This is not a part of the basic framework.


Are you looking for an entirely equipped office space where you can fully concentrate on your work? Or do you like to be around other people who are working? You can use our office as a co-workspace, during or without residency, for a short or long period. The working spots are limited, so first come, first served.



Creativity does not have a clock, which is why we offer the option for you to stay overnight during your residency. We collaborate with local partners or neighbors who rent out studios or houses. The option to stay overnight during your residency can be discussed but is not a part of the basic framework.