Residency for creation

In our workspace artists work on new performances, acts, installations … Even after the premiere a performance is not necessarily ‘finished’. Whatever phase of the creation process you may be in, we can help you. With our residencies for creation, we mainly focus on Flemish artists, (semi) professional or amateur. However, we also welcome professional international companies with whom a collaboration offers an added value.

We have our own rehearsal space available, the BOX, in our social-cultural hub, De Expeditie. Are you looking for another, specific location for your residency? No problem! We will look for a suitable location that fits your needs.

A residency for creation always contains basic framework. We also offer customized, professional framework, which can be discussed.

To Mould a Better Future Together - Iris Carta© Gaetandardenne

Fresh talent

In collaboration with Circusplaneet we investigate how we can support young & fresh circus artists. After a year of creating a performance, under supervision of Circusplaneet, we find a way to support beginning artists on professionalizing their newly created performance.