Meeting eachother

Join us for dinner

Our workingspace must feel like coming home. We want to create a warm and safe environment for artists. Each residence comes with a meal where we can catch up or talk about the past week.

A few times a year we invite others to join our dinner: other artists, professionals, creative minds, people who live in the neighborhood, audience, … We believe that moments like these are literally, food for thought.

Active audience

We stimulate presentation that is more than an encounter with the audience, because it goes beyond passively enjoying a performance. That is why performances that wreck that 4th wall have a special place in our hearts.

Our active audience will also be invited to join the process of the creation, to come see try-outs, to give feedback and to join our dinner with artists and professionals.

Eiland - Mardulier & Deprez © Gaetandardenne

Counsel for inspiration

The concept of our workingspace is inspired by the dreams and desires of the Flemish circusartists. We cherish this involvement of the artists by being involved with those who are creating or researching in the workspace. But also in a more formal way, a counsel for inspiration which is formed with artists.

Every year we send an open invitation to Flemish artists to have a meeting. We evaluate the functioning of the workingspace, what has been going great or what hasn’t. But it is also an invitation to look at and dream about the future together.

Would you like to be part of this counsel? We send the invites at the end of every year. So keep up with us by checking the news items on our website or sign up for our newsletter.

Blanc space

What if we would put some random artists together? Wouldn’t that lead to the most incredible ideas? Some might be completely foolish, but it might be the beginning of something new. We want to give the space to let these ideas grow.

Apart from all the plans and ideas our workingspace might have, we want to remain openminded for unforeseen questions and spontaneous ideas. That’s why we offer white space without any expectations.

A steamsession, an artistic hackaton, a stage for improvisation, an inspiring trip to somewhere? We’re open for all of your ideas. Let us know on

Ceci n'est pas une fête - Collectif Malunés ©Gaetandardenne