Texts performances

On this page you will find the texts of the performances that are available. If you are hard of hearing, you can still follow the text of a performance with strong visual elements. We also provide translations into Dutch of spoken text in performances in other languages. We do not provide English translations of performances that are originally in Dutch.

If your not in need of text description, please don’t read these texts. This way we can keep surprising you with all of our performances.

Performances with text 

These performances contain spoken text that performances contain spoken text that is necessary to follow the performance.

  • Masacrade – Marcel et ses drôles de femmes: This performance contains many visual elements, as well as spoken text. The text cannot be found online, but is available on request. Please email miramiro@miramiro.be for more info.
  • Dicklove – Sandrine Jugliair: This performance is French spoken we provide Dutch subtitles during the performance- In Dicklove there is live music and lots of visual elements

Performances with limited text

These performances contain limited spoken text. It is not necessary to understand this text to be able to follow because the performance is mainly a visual spectacle.

  • Erasmus+ project

Performances without text

These performances do not contain spoken text. They are visual spectacles.

  • Barrière
  • DAR
  • Detour
  • La Bande à Tyrex
  • La Vieille Souche
  • Moon
  • One Shot
  • Permit
  • Ripple
  • WEB