(c) Jakobe Geens
Organiek Mechaniek
  • Jakobe Geens & Josse de Broeck / De Studio

About the performance

Organiek Mechaniek is a street performance in which Jakobe and Josse play with freedom, balance and a bicycle. They mainly found inspiration in the work of Panamarenko, with whom they share a fascination with flying, energy and connection. Alexander Calder’s fragile, colorful mobiles were also inspiring for the duo.

About the company

Jakobe Geens started her circus career in 2008 at Ell Circo del Fuego in Antwerp. Before she started there, however, she already had a background in movement theater and acro sports. She followed her dream and that brought her to ACAPA (Academy for Circus and Performance Art). She specialized in partner acrobatics and then obtained her Bachelor’s degree in DOCH in Stockholm. She graduated with a dance acrobatics solo. Geens’ artistic vision focuses on opening spaces and creating new realities. She participates in artistic productions all over the world, continues to explore circus as an art form and entertains audiences through her versatile profile. Together with Margot Jansens she founded Gedachtegang. In 2023, Margot went her own way.

Josse de Broeck started with circus at an early age. He studied at ACAPA (Academy for Circus and Performance Art), where he started a collaboration with three other partner acrobats. To this day, they make their own creations under the name ‘Familiar Faces‘.

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Performing artists: Josse de Broeck en Jakobe Geens
Choreography: Manon Avermaete
Costumes: Chris Snik
Product Design: Emma Ribbens
Construction and welding: Joris Jansens




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