(c) Sarah Vanheuverzwijn
No Strings
  • Cie Pol & Freddy
  • Indoor, outdoor, tent
  • Age: All ages

About the performance

‘No Strings’ is the story of a vulnerable hero. Together with his faithful companion, he invents different ways to kill boredom that comes with having too much time to waste. Chain-smoking, with the end in sight, he risks life and limb, searching for hope, beauty and an empty ashtray.

Circus, weight training and slapstick in a search for the limits of humor. What is funny, what is horrifying and what is horribly funny?

About the company

Sander, the performer in this performance, is one of the artists in Cie Pol & Freddy.

Cie Pol & Freddy is a street theater company founded in 2006 by Sander De Cuyper and Bram Dobbelaere. They are internationally known for their innovative and surprising juggling performances.