New website



Welcome to our new website! Since this year, 2021, Miramiro made the switch from festival to circus workspace. This means that we will be supporting artists much more during creation, development, presentation, meetings, framework, etc. That’s right, besides from organizing a festival we will be supporting artists throughout the entire year. Our work will expand, so do our target audiences. The design of this website (for which we are very grateful to Characters and Cabinet C) provides general pages and a separate page for each target group.


As mentioned before, the website is divided into general pages and pages per target group. These pages can be found in the colored bars in the right sideline.

Green = artists
Red = pro’s
Yellow = festival

Choose the ‘hamburger menu‘ in the top right corner, you will find the same division in the colored buttons. The blue buttons are pages that apply to all target groups.


Our agenda, just like our operations, has been expanded. We not only put performances on the agenda, but also residencies. A residency is when artists come work on a performance, rehearse, etc. These events are not open to the public, but we would still like to share them with you. You will find more information about the accessibility of the event on the detail page of each event.