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Ripple TeaTime Company (BE)
  • +6 years
  • LocationSint-Baafsdorp
  • PriceFree
  • Info

    Sa 20.07 / Su 21.07 - 15:30 & 18:30

    40 min.

About the performance

With the help of a giant spiral structure three performers explore multiple themes like balance, influence, power, flow and friction. The spiral allows them to push their limits and create their own gravitational world, where a jump can get suspended in time and a fall can seem endless. 


  • This performance contains no spoken text, mainly visual elements.
  • This performance takes place in the public space.
  • This location does not have a disabled toilet, the nearest toilet is in Coyendans Park at Miramiro’s festival centre.
  • Parking is possible at Gent Dampoort station
  • The location is accessible by public transportation, stop Gent Reep


With support from

Panama Pictures, UP circus & performing arts, CIRC’uit netwerk, podium Bloos, Circolito VZW 


Commission Fonds Podium Kunsten Nieuwe makers regeling, Makersfonds Tilburg, Circuswerkplaats Dommelhof