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2022 LONE Luuk Brantjes (NL)
  • All ages
  • Guide dog
  • LocationDifferent locations: see below
  • PriceFree
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    Fri 15 July at 19h - Circuskerk Malem*
    Mon 18 July at 3pm and 6pm - Spaanskasteelplein
    Tue 19 July at 6pm and 7.30 pm - Spaanskasteelplein
    30 min

About the performance

LONE is a circus solo balancing the fine line between being alone and being lonely. Luuk Brantjes combines an innovative bascule structure with himself, broadening the boundaries of what a bascule is and can be.

This way he not only wants to show virtuoso tricks but also use his discipline as a tool for dialogue. Thus making LONE a tribute to the inventive self, the self that is comfortable with being itself, alone.

*Learn more about Planeet Sierk Wijkt Uit.

A circus solo about finding a balance between being alone and being lonely.
─   Luuk Brantjes More info

Location Fri 15 July (Planeet Sierk Wijkt Uit)

Locatie Mon 18 en Tue 19 July