(c) Pierre Barbier
La Bande à Tyrex La Bande à Tyrex (FR)
  • +5 years
  • LocationCoyendanspark
  • PriceFree
  • Info

    Mo 22.07 / Tu 23.07 - 20:00

    90 min.

About the performance

La Bande à Tyrex » is a nine artists musical cycling ballet.  They turn and twirl, they pile up, intertwine and mingle. A swarm of wheels, an effervescence of vitality. In a joyful scramble, cheeky and musical, La Bande à Tyrex uses the discipline of trick cycling and develops it in a infinity of shapes, themes and balances.


  • This performance contains mainly visual elements with an accompanying concert.
  • This performance takes place in the public space.
  • This location has a disabled toilet.
  • Parking is possible at Gent Dampoort station.
  • The location is accessible by public transport, stop Gent Reep.


With thanks to

created and performed by : Camille Chatelain, Cyril Choye, Valentin Duchamp, Jonathan Gagneux, Charlotte Kolly or Alice 

Allart, Benny Martin, Pierre-Alban Monfreux, Benjamin Renard and Robin Zobel 

Music composition and arrangements : La Bande à Tyrex 

Sound design : Nicolas Barbaud  

Lighting design : Lydie Del Rabal and Joëlle Dangeard 

External eye : Julien Monin 

Costumes : Anaïs Clarté 

Administration : Amélie Kunde 


La Cascade – PNC Bourg St Andéol, La Cité du Cirque – Pôle régional cirque Le Mans
Residency and support : La Halle Vérrière – Meisenthal, La Vache qui Rue – Moirans en Montagne,
L’association Hom’art – Reyrieux, Les abbatoirs – Riom, L’Espace Périphérique – Ville de Paris – La Villette,
La Gare à Coulisses – Eurre, Les Rotondes – Luxembourg, Point H^ut and Compagnie Off