(c) Anthony Weiss
2022 FA Amoukanama Circus (GI/BE)
  • All ages
  • Guide dog
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    Mon 18, Tue 19 July at 7pm - Astridpark
    Wed 20 July at 4pm -Titannick site, Nieuw Gent*
    35 min


This creation is inspired by the current effervescent youth movement for the construction of a better future. FA shares the reflection of it through a unified community. This piece is a premise of the full show FA coming in 2023. It is the start of the journey …
Propelled with a determined step, a youth travels in search of a new world. Uniting from different places, they walk together to go beyond. FA is a grand journey of a human alliance that goes through obstacles, hoping of a better place. Solar and candid, they rise towards their dreams, aiming to go beyond, beyond their limits.

In FA, different cultures and traditions come to life, acrobatic, musical and choreographic.

Amoukanama is a Belgian-Guinean collective that builds bridges between Europe and Africa through circus. This performance was formed with 8 Guinean men and a Belgian woman.

* Learn more about Planeet Sierk Wijkt Uit.

In FA, different cultures and traditions come to life, acrobatic, musical and choreographic
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Location Mon 18 and Tue 19 July – Astridpark

Location Wed 20 July -Titannick site, Nieuw Gent (Planeet Sierk Wijkt Uit)

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Director/choreographer: Anthony Weiss
Artists: Mamadou Lamarana Bah, Ibrahima Sory Bangoura, Mohamed Bangoura, Tidjane Bangoura, Ibrahima Sory Camara, Facinet Camara, Alseny Sacko, Panival Soumah, Nathalie Vandenabeele

Co-producenters: Company Les Mélangeurs – Espace Périphérique – Ecole Nationale de Cirque Châtellerault

Special thanks to: the European Union