2022 EXO – experiment residency Camiel Corneille (NL)
  • All ages
  • Guide dog
  • Work in progress
  • LocationCoyendanspark
  • PriceFree
  • Info

    Mon 18 and Tue 19 July
    Installation: continuously from 2pm
    Performances: 2 pm - 2.30 pm en 5.30 pm -7 pm


Camiel is fascinated by the idea of ​​the ‘super-human’. In EXO he investigates the physical manufacturability of people. How can a symbiosis arise between human and object?

Inspired by the military development of exoskeletons – devices attached to the body that enhance physical abilities, Camiel’s work questions whether an entirely different kind of exoskeleton is emerging in the current era: the digitally formed ideal of beauty. Photo filters distort and manipulate reality. EXO is a physical reaction to a kinetic (moving) work of art.

During the festival, Camiel will investigate how he can actively involve the spectator. The installation will be exhibited and the public will be challenged to manipulate the work together. How can we as spectators change our own perspective? How can we show a different side of ourselves? How do we enrich our place in the world?

This experiment is part of a fragile process in which Camiel searches for a sense of complicity and togetherness. And that is only possible with your help. EXO is the second part of the Repro project, an investigation into our dependence on the machine world.

As part of this research, performances will take place during the day. Keep an eye on our social media to find out when.

Rarely do artists involve their audience in the creative process in this way. That is what makes this experiment so special.
─   Camiel Corneille More info