Made at Miramiro

Every summer, during the festival in July, we present the latest circus performances that have been created in our working space. It’s THE moment to discover artistic work that you could share in your upcoming event or program. We would love to welcome you to our event.

Besides from the artistic program, we also organise a few moments where artists and pro’s can meet eachother and discuss their creations or interests. We also plan a moment of reflection and exchange during these days.

‘Made at Miramiro’ is a part of our yearly circus festival. You can recognize these performances by the ‘Made at Miramiro’ label.

Do you want to visit our festival as a professional? Contact for more information.

Bal Trap - La Contrebande © Gaetandardenne

Circusfestival Miramiro

The yearly circus festival in July, during the festival of Ghent, presents a high-quality, curated program for a wide audience. Performances infiltrate into the city, parks, historical sites, parking lots, unique buildings or locations … Inside or out, the city is our stage.

You can find the latest updates about our festival here. Laatste nieuwtjes over het festival? Dat vind je hier.

The festival wants to create support and recognition for circus as an art form in society. Over the years, the festival has built up a loyal audience, on average we reach 20,000 to 25,000 visitors per year. We will continue to focus on accessibility, also for socially vulnerable people.

In the afternoon, the program focuses on families with children, in and around the heart of the festival. Together with Planet Sierk we organize circus workshops and we present a youth production performance of Circusplaneet. Other performances are for a more mature audience, from entertainment to experimental, something for everyone.

Starting in 2022 we will showcase the latest performances created in our work space in a separate program named ‘Made at Miramiro’.

Street artists on the Great Square Turnhout

Every year we curate the program for the event Street artists on the Great Square in Turnhout, in collaboration with the cultural coordination of the city;

Our collaboration started in 2012 and grew out to be one of the annual cultural city events.

Are you also interested in a collaboration like this? Contact us.