Miramiro has various collaborations in different areas, both national and international. We have a number of logistic, organizational and infrastructural, as well as (inter)national artistic partners. Every year we commit to neighborhood activities, but also to specific (vulnerable) target groups.

We’re open for any suggestion on collaborations. Do you have an idea or question? Don’t hesitate to contact us on We love to hear how we can support each other.


Slagwerk variatie - Mardulier & Deprez © Gaetandardenne


CIRC’UIT is one of our most recent collaborations. It is a network of organizations (Cirk!, Cirque Plus and Miramiro) that share a passion for outdoor circus. Together we wish to stimulate the development of this art form. Artistic endeavors beyond the confines of the theater can dismantle barriers and forge meaningful connections with a broad and diverse audience. CIRC’UIT wants to highlight the power and beauty of this connecting value.

The network partners combine their knowledge and experience to make sustainable and coordinated efforts to create and distribute circus performances in the open air. CIRC’UIT is a platform for dialogue and exchange for the circus sector.