(c) Emmanuelle Tricoire
2022 YIN ZERO Compagnie Monad (FR)
  • All ages
  • Location Koningin Astridpark
  • PriceFree
  • Info

    16 and 17 July at 5pm and 8pm
    25 min


Two constantly whirling bodies juggle. They take you into a modern trance, a rhythmic hypnosis created by their choreography. The fluent and virtuoso juggling of body and ball creates a unity of movement. Slowly the movement of the bodies take you deeper into the rotation of whirling dervishes. Faster and faster. Yin Zero is a subtle balance between juggling, dance, and music.

Two juggling dervish dancers take you into a modern trance.
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Juggler and dancer : Cyrille Humen
Juggler and dancer : Van-Kim Tran
Director: Eric Longequel
Production manager : Corentine Poncet
La Maison des Jonglages – Scène Conventionnée La Courneuve (93), Pôle régional, Cirque Le Mans (72), Collectif des possibles (68), Archaos, Pôle National Cirque, Marseille (13)