(c) Chris Van der Burght
Silly Symphonies Marius Lefever, Jef Van der Burght en Senne Vanderschelden (BE)
  • All ages
  • LocationCAMPO nieuwpoort - Nieuwpoort 31-35 9000 Gent
  • Price€16
    €12 -26j, 65+, people with disabilities, jobseekers, EDC, OKOpas
    5x CAMPO
  • Info

    wed 17.01 - 19:00 - Thu 18.01 - 20:30
    60 min.


A shot sounds

A bird falls

Three figures provide invisible feathers of a soft fading sound.

In Silly Symphonies, the players depict through sound a world where you as an audience witness a succession of unforeseen endings: from crashing cars to shot birds, from sinking fishermen to swirling paratroopers.

Are they complicit in ending endlessly or do they provide sound for what would otherwise pass unnoticed?

Which imagination is shattered, which is slowly fading? Which whispers softly and reassuringly when all the sound disappears?

Using the auditory medium of bruitage, Marius Lefever, Jef Van der Burght and Senne Vanderschelden tackle these questions in a playful, sometimes almost clownish way, without avoiding the darker corners of humanity.


Do you have a disability or do you have questions about the accessibility of the theatre hall?
Please contact info@campo.nu or 09 267 94 50. We will look at how we can meet your specific needs (guidance to your seat, reserve a seat, extra information about the performance, etc.).
People accompanying people with a European Disability Card (EDC) are offered a free ticket. People with an EDC are entitled to the reduced price.

Do you have bad hearing? Please let us know in advance if you wish to use our hearing loop.


Public transportation
routeplanner De Lijn
bus: halte Bij St-Jacobs

By car (Portus Ganda sector)

CAMPO Nieuwpoort can be reached by car via Dampoort (Dampoortstraat/Steendam) or via Sint-Annaplein (Keizer Karelstraat/Sint Jakobsnieuwstraat). It is important to know that (since the introduction of the circulation plan) the Ottogracht has been interrupted.

You can park in the streets around CAMPO Nieuwpoort and on Sint-Jacobs (paid until 00:00). Or in the underground car park a


From and with: Marius Lefever, Jef Van der Burght and Senne Vanderschelden

Managing director: Margaux Cauliez

Coaching: Laurens Aneca

Final direction: Geert Belpaeme

Dramaturgy: Marie Peeters

Costume: Ginger Bogaert

Sound: Oscar Claus and Gert Malfliet

Props: Lena Mariën

With support of: the Flemish Community

Thanks to: Trappelend Talent, TAZ en Vincent Company