2022 Heavy Motors Société Protectrice de Petites Idées (FR)
  • +7 years
  • +7 years
  • Guide dog
  • LocationFloraliënhal (Citadelpark)
  • PriceStandard: € 10,-
    -26 years: € 8,-
  • Info

    Fri 15, Sat 16 and Sun 17 July at 9.45pm
    50 min



Three innocent people, an almost repaired car, some TV dancing, a cat in the engine, almost impressive acrobatics, a lot of imagination, unqualified theater, and a lack of distance from life. Safe and unlicensed.

Heavy Motors takes us to something that almost seems like car-tuning event with a portion of flowers and ribbons. And only three participants.

Mostly safe, always unlicensed.
─   Celine Verkest - director Miramiro More info

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With and by: Nanda Suc – Aude Martos – Federico Robledo / Stage manager: Aleth Depeyre – Loïc Chauloux / Construction and en mechanic design: Ronan Ménard – Loïc Chauloux / Sound: Maël Bellec / Costumes: Héloïse Calmet – Aude Martos – Nanda Suc – Federico Robledo / Outside eye: Lucas Condró – Emilie Bonnafous – Chloé Derrouaz / Tourmanager: Hélène Michel / Office manager: Emmanuelle Nonet / Production: Société Protectrice de Petites Idées

Support by: Le Logelloù, Penvénan – Escouto Can Plaou, Camlez – Bleu Pluriel, Trégueux – Le Grand Bourreau, Joué-les-Tours – La Martofacture, Sixt-sur-Aff – 37eme Parallèle, Tours

With courtesy of: Garage du Centre – Guingamp