(c) Kobe Ruysen
01.07.2024 Nest
  • Creation residency
Theater Muto
  • Not accessable
  • LocationDe Expeditie
  • Date 01.07.2024
    until 04.07.2024

About the performance

Father and daughter, both equally stupid, celebrate GabriĆ«la to the point of absurdity. With their warped thinking and subtle humor, they simply lose themselves in play. With a unique connectedness, ‘Nest’ brings a story about generations, the love of circus arts and an ode to wonder. ‘Nest’ is a silent clown perfomance, object manipulation, a viewing box in which the audience gets very close up into a world of slowness.


Artists: Stef Geers & Fien Geers; coach: Ciska Vanhoyland, Lander Severins, Ine Ubben, Benjamin De Matteis; Photography & Graphic design: Kobe Ruysen

Co-producers: Flemish Government, Circus work space Dommelhof, CIRKLABO Leuven, Cultuurhuis De Zeepziederij Bree, Makerij La Lande Limousin