Smells Like Circus: Practical


Miramiro wants to be accessible to a wide target audience, for which we commit ourselves every year. We apply this to the locations of our activities (if possible), in our communication but also in public guidance, etc.

For specific questions, contact us on

Icons for people with disabilities

 Activities for the entire family

  Accessible for people in a wheelchair

Accessible for people in a wheelchair, with guidance

  Accessible for people with hearing impairment

Accessible to people with intellectual disabilities

Accessible for people with visual impairments

Visiting with a wheelchair

Have you booked your ticket for a wheelchair accessible performance? Then give us a heads up via

In this way we can provide the guidance you might need. One of our volunteers will guide you to your seat before the start and after the performance.

Discount rates

Everyone can enjoy the free program.

For the paying performances we apply fair rates with a reduced rate for under -12 years. Miramiro does not work with UITPas or other rates. In close consultation with a number of social organizations, we invite socially vulnerable people to enjoy the ticketing performances.

Would you like to introduce us to your organisation? Feel free to send an email to


More info here on how to reach the different locations

Schedule of the program

Looking for a timetable? Here it is.


Organizing an event in times of corona, not as easy as it may seem. Here you will find an overview of the measures that you should follow during your visit to Circus Cravings.

These measures are subject to changes by the government in the context of the fight against the pandemic.

Departure for the performance

Don’t forget your mouth mask.

Meet up with your group and go to the performance together. We will let you in as a group.

On arrival

Doors open 20 minutes before the start of the performance.

If there is a queue at the entrance, keep your distance and follow the advice of our employees.

We ask you to keep the face mask on at all times. When entering and leaving, walking around the square, but also during the indoor performances. When everyone is seated, you can take your mask off during the outdoor performances. When you sit on the terrace, wearing a mask is also not necessary. Not applicable for children under 12.

Make sure your group is complete and on time. You enter the location of the performance together.


All performances have a fixed seating plan. Everyone sits separately with one seat in between.

Our staff will point you to your seat.

Not applicable to the expo and the installations, but keep a safe distance from other visitors.


Stay in your seat, don’t move the chairs or benches so that you can sit closer to friends or family.

Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory during the indoor performances. When everyone is seated you can take it off outside. Except for children under 12 years old.

An exception can only be made on presentation of a medical prescription.


Please remain seated after the performance. Visitors are directed row by row to the exit on the instructions of the volunteer on site.


Disinfecting hand gel is provided at the locations.

We take care of cleaning the location before each performance.

We provide mouth masks for visitors who have forgotten their own mask at 1 euro each.


Keep 1,5 m away (between different bubbles)

Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory

Do not shake hands and avoid physical contact

Wash your hands regularly with soap and water or disinfect your hands

Cough and sneeze into the inside of your elbow

Stay home if you feel sick

Stay home if you showed symptoms 7 days before the event

Stay home if you may have come into contact with a carrier of the coronavirus

Follow the instructions of our volunteers on site closely for the safety of yourself and others.