Sho-Ichidô – the expo Side-Show & Kenzo Tokuoka
  • All ages
  • LocationBOX - De Expeditie, Gent
  • PriceFree
    No reservation needed
  • Info

    July 19th
    from 14h30 until 17h

    July 20th & 21st
    from 14h30 until 17h
    from 17h30 until 19h


About the expo

During Circus Cravings you can see the performance of Sho-Ichidô as well as the expo. This page is all about the expo of Cie Side-Show. During this expo you can admire the art that is made during the performance, but the artists will not be performing.

Sho-Ichidô is a combination of the Japanese words for art and calligraphy (shodô) and unicycle (ichi-rensha). For the project, Kenzo Tokuoka was invited to collaboratively develop a monumental graphic language with a body, a unicycle and Chinese ink as instruments.

On a huge surface, Kenzo’s unicycle leaves behind it lines that record his movement through the space, thus creating a composition in dialogue with the space.

About the company

Based on a shared fascination for the traces that a movement leaves behind, Aline Breucker and Quintijn Ketels set up the company Side-Show in 2009. The cross-disciplinary approach of the company leads to performances that demonstrate a unique combination of circus and visual arts.