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Street and circus arts, theatre on location, installations, plastic arts, dance... From intimate shows to big mass events.

The next edition will take place from the 18th to 27th July 2014.



Supporting the development of new ideas and young, talented artists and artistic projects through production and coproduction of new shows.



Archive and documentation centre regarding the arts in public spaces and circus.



  • Production Mar-14 After Work Try-Out 'Entre Nous'

    During forthcoming ten days Carré Curieux circus company will take residence at De Expeditie to work on their latest performance. An after-work try-out is intended at the end of this week.

  • Festival Mar-12 Street artists in Turnhout’s Market Square 2014

    The first ideas are in the pipeline. So, note the date : July 11th in Turnhout!

  • Production Mar-12 Open Rehearsal 'Ensor'

    Last week at De Expeditie MiramirO and Cecilia Company jointly organized an open rehearsal weekend for ‘Ensor’.

  • Production Apr-16 Workshop for artists

    Are you a novice or professional artist and interested in creating art in public space? Register as soon as possible for the workshop of FAI AR on May 5, 2013.

  • Documentation Jan-28 Third Call Unpack the Arts

    Unpack the Arts is a European project that provides residencies for cultural journalists in the context of twelve major festivals programming contemporary circus.

  • Production Jan-24 New creations in 2013

    Year after year MiramirO supports artists in the creation and production of new performances. New ideas are given a chance, either by means of financial or administrative support, the use of rehearsal room, offering performance opportunities or promotion support… And that is not going to change in 2013.